This blog is a platform for ideas, resources, and observations on the synthesis of Creativity and Technology, published by commercial photographer and teacher Alex Lippisch whose business is Lippisch Visual Arts.

Alex began working as a commercial photographer in 1979, after graduating with honors from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

“My goal is to work with my clients as a team member, bringing our ideas together to create dramatic, exciting images that successfully communicate.” -Alex Lippisch

After a brief period in Cleveland, OH as a photographer/producer of corporate level multi-projector slide presentations, he moved to New York City where he assisted some of the best studio photographers of the 1980s. This experience allowed him to hone his skills and exposed him to the demanding world of advertising.

In 1989 he accepted the position of head photographer at the Boston based, former ad agency McDougall Associates, where his assignments included shooting national advertising campaigns. Eventually resettling in Ohio, he opened his own studio – Lippisch Visual Arts – in 2000.

Currently working in a 1500 square foot studio with high ceilings and drive-in access, Alex is a careful and patient craftsman who pays attention to even the smallest details. The studio is conveniently located very close to route 71 in Brunswick, Ohio (a 20 minute drive south from Cleveland).

Alex has produced advertising and editorial images for clients such as: Sherwin Williams, Hewlett Packard, Cleveland Cliffs, Marriott Hotels, Sylvania, and Gorton’s Seafood. He has worked with many talented art directors, and on numerous projects which became Ad Club award winners.

In addition to creating images, Alex serves as an instructor for both the University of Akron and the Digital Photo Academy. For information on his classes click here.

With creative inspiration coming from sources such as the Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism, as well as Dadaist artists Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray, he passionately enjoys the challenge of creating dynamic visual media.


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