DLSR meet Mr. 4×5

When I was in high school, the pinnacle of being a professional photographer was to shoot with a large format camera, a very common type being a 4×5. This was what the REAL serious photographers were using. If you picture Ansel Adams at work, you usually think of a guy with a grey beard, standing outside on rocky ledge, next to a big camera with a corrugated bellows and cloth hanging off the back. That is a large format camera, and for many years the kind I used for the majority of my work. It is still my favorite format.

Now in the digital age most of us are using 35mm based digital cameras (a DSLR). But I still pine for those 4×5 days and I’m not alone. Today I came across this homemade devise that I had to share. Even though it isn’t useful for wide angle work (unless you happen to have an 18mm lens on a 4×5 lens board), it is a very¬†cool idea which I might just try for myself. Here’s a link to the inventor-photographer Darren Huski to whom I take my hat off to, and who shares more images with details.


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One Response to DLSR meet Mr. 4×5

  1. Alejandro says:

    Nice, only make sure that those bellows are free of dust otherwise that sensor is not going to look good. I missed my sinar…

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