Cool video on Light Painting

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Safari Bookmarks

If, like me, you are happy with Safari as your main web browser, you might have noticed one big flaw – there is NO WAY to alphabetically sort the bookmarks! Hey Apple – what gives???? I really like being able to put some order onto piles of info and finally I came upon a solution!

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Don’t Re-invent, instead, Re-discover.

Recently I read a great post by Gail Mooney which she titled Don’t re-invent yourself. In it she criticizes the current buzz phrase to “re-invent yourself”.

I too don’t really like that expression. It implies that there is something wrong with the way you are right now, and you had better change yourself to keep up with your peers, competition, industry, etc. Sure it’s a good idea to keep learning about new technologies in imaging so your craftsmanship will remain sharp and capable. However, much better advice I think, is to re-discover the person behind those tools and skills. Otherwise you are just following trends.

Arnold Newman put it nicely when he said “We don’t take pictures with our cameras, but with our hearts and minds.”

As image makers, each of us is a unique combination of heart and mind which uses those tools. Listen to your heart and soul, do some self-reflection, and work to discover more about yourself. Try looking at some of your old work, as I recently did and found this image from a long time ago when I didn’t care very much about trends or popular expressions.

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Just because you can – doesn’t make it OK.

Here is an interesting example of one artist using a photograph he found on-line to use in his work, without thinking he was stealing from another artist!

Note that the one who did the stealing, Thierry Guetta, mentioned that he didn’t see a copyright notice on the image and therefore figured it was OK to use it however he wished. This resulted in Guetta being sued for his actions, and the photographer, Glen E. Friedman, rightfully has won the lawsuit.

At the very least you should always include some type of identification watermark on your images if they are heading towards the web, preferably © Your Name.

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In the end, Light is still Analog

This is a refreshing example of using digital technology tools mixed with lighting imagination, to create a unique visual expression.

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David Hobby discusses the business of being a photographer

Here is some sage business advice from the man behind the terrific blog Strobist

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring David Hobby!

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HDR in Photoshop CS5

In the post Working Luminance Magic with HDR in Photoshop CS5 author Deke McClelland shows some great tips for making HDRs in PS. You will need to register first as a member, which is not a bad idea considering all the good stuff found there.

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X-Rite Photo – Color Checker Passport

Here is a great new way to create a custom camera color profile, for each and every lighting situation you are in. Brilliant!

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Hi I’m Keith

Annie Leibovitz shooting Keith Richards for Louis Vuitton. Interesting behind-the-seen view of Annie at work. Note the assistant held umbrella light, which makes moving around with the subject so much more efficient and fast for Annie. I enjoy when Keith refers to himself as a “carcass”.

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Light Warfare

Light Warfare (via freddiew)
This is an amazing example of mixing flash with ambient light, PLUS the “painting with light” technique. Then frame by frame animation in a video editing program to put it all together. Every shot was initially created one at a time as a still picture, with the weapons drawn in mid air using a light source probably similar to a flashlight. When played back as a series of shots at 30 fps (frames per second) the illusion of motion is created. This took lots of work!!

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